Speaking Of: Cryptocurrency

Levelling the Financial Playing Field | A Bright Outlook for Crypto

Cryptocurrency is all the buzz as small-time investors are looking to strike it rich while the finance industry worries about the disruption this will create. Bitcoin and other digital currencies are reshaping how we think about and use money — making it more digitized, dematerialized, and democratized than ever before. Some argue that cryptocurrency will negatively impact the global economy, while others say it will change it for the better.

In this hour, our expert guests will cover the basics of blockchain technology, explain how crypto is transforming finance and culture, and give us a glimpse of what is on the horizon for decentralized finance (DeFi).


Colin Gaffney '08 Senior Credit Strategy Analyst at Tala, San Francisco
Jon Lister '09 President, Co-Founder at Satstreet, Toronto

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